How do you make a homemade strap-on dildo?

A homemade strap-on can be made by wearing a belt and taping a cucumber to it. Duct tape is best as it holds firmest. Be sure to use the smooth end of the cucumber as the stem can cut the interior of an orifice.

How do you make home made ice cream?
Ingredient . 1/2 cup of milk 1/4 tablespoon of vanilla extract 1 tablespoon of sugar 6 tablespoons of salt ice a container w/lid a zip lock bag . STEP 1 Pour the milk into a boll with the vanilla extract and the sugar. Mix it together then put it in the zip lock bag.
How do you make a home made hang glider?
I wouldn't attempt this without some advanced studies of aerodynamics. . Or you could buy a kit from a reputable manufacturer if you have some mechanical ability. What are dildos? Dildos are plastic penises that are used by women to mastrubate by inserting the dildo into the vagina to pleasure themselves.
How do you make a home made gernade?
While I have the knowledge to make one,I would never let that info out! If you do not know how to make one then you sure enough do not know how to safely handle a grenade!!.
How do you make your own dildo?
Take a long egg plant and cover it with two or three layers of condom. Tie the other end to seal it cmpletely

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